How I Go About Choosing the Best Travel Shoes, Or At Least Not the Wrong Ones


So my friend Jessica asked me to help her out with choosing shoes for her upcoming trip.

I thought that this would be a great topic for a blog post, so I’m going to kill two birds with one stone: I’m going to help my friend prepare for her trip plus I’m going to help all my readers make the right kind of choices when preparing for their journeys.

When choosing the best travel shoes for your trip, you have to keep one thing in mind: Comfort is the most important thing of all. Your shoe may be fashionable, but if it’s not comfortable it will ruin your trip. In fact it’s quite guaranteed to do that.

The next thing to consider is how well will these shoes fit in your luggage. If you can actually wear your shoes while boarding a plane that’s great – you don’t have to worry about this packing issue. Otherwise, you need to think really well, whether are those huge hiking boots that you’re looking at are actually small enough to fit into your cabin luggage. If not, then maybe it’s a good idea to consider some other pair.

Think about what kinds of things you want to do on your journey. There are a number of different scenarios that you may encounter, and you want shoes that are most versatile. You really don’t want to pack separately shoes that are good for only one particular type of weather, because that would be a waste of space, in the very least. And as we know, luggage space is very precious.

Next, make sure you check the weather report at your destination before you go anywhere. If it’s going to be raining during your entire stay then maybe those sandals are not the best travel shoes to choose. Maybe you want to bring with you something that’s more waterproof. Who wants to walk around with wet feet all day? Who wants to catch a cold in the middle of their vacation?

Also, consider the peculiarities of your destination. For example if you’re going to Europe and you’re going to walk through all the different old cities the continent has to offer, then keep in mind that these are usually paved with cobblestone, which looks nice, but is a huge pain to walk on. Definitely choose the shoes that are comfortable and will not bend too much on those round stones.

If you keep these few tips in mind, you are most certain to make a good choice of shoes that will be most unnoticeable during your trip. “Unnoticeable” is a good thing in this case.